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20311 SW Birch St. Suite 150 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Back to Basics Doctors confidently refer their patients to Dr. Kanter for diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of venous disorders. Please Click HERE for the patient forms for Vein Center of Orange County. or call 949-551-8855 to schedule.  

Located in Irvine, Vein Center of Orange County is the premier vein disorder center in Southern California specializing exclusively in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of venous disorders including spider veins and varicose veins. Dr. Alan Kanter is a pioneer in the treatment of vein disorders. Since 1990 he has dedicated his practice exclusively to Phlebology and does not offer unrelated procedures such as Botox injections, liposuction, hair removal, etc.. VCOC is proud to have been the first devoted vein center in Orange County, CA to introduce the following major advances:

  • Duplex-guided sclerotherapy (1991)
  • Color-flow duplex ultrasound imaging (1994)
  • Foam sclerotherapy (2000)
  • Duplex-guided ELVeS® endovenous laser ablation (2004)
  • Duplex-guided ELVeS® "Gentle Laser" endovenous ablation (2009)
  • Radiofrequency VeinGogh™ for spider veins (2010)


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