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Foam Rolling???:

"This ain't your ordinary pool noodle!"

Ok so you may have already experienced the huge benefits of a Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, Active Release techniques and Manual Muscle Therapy with a licensed therapist at Back to Basics . . . You also know you can't make it back into the office for at least another week but you can't afford to take Phil home with you. 

What do you do?

Let us introduce you to our new little friend: The FOAM ROLLER!  A 6 inch wide by 36 inch long piece of durable high density foam.  You may have already seen people in the gym using these tools by themselves or supervised by a personal trainer and thought to yourself - "Uhh you'd never catch me in the gym looking like a fool rolling around like a kid at Chuck E. Cheese . . .  What is this? Cirque du Soleil?"  However, read on . . .

For the past few years, elite athletes, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists have been using this simple tool to enable people to experience the restorative benefits of soft tissue therapy and have developed the principle of S.M.R. or Self Myofascial Release.

Back to Basics Doctors Tom Hewitt  & Ryan Samuelian have both experienced the benefits of Foam Rolling and SMR, and decided to find out more for their patients by talking to a local fitness expert and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Aaron Benes:

B2B: "So Aaron, what are the benefits of the Foam Roller?"

Aaron: "Foam rollers work on the principle of SMR (self myofacial release).  Ideally, a properly functioning body should have strong muscles, which are balanced and also flexible, allowing them to work through the entire range of motion."

B2B:  "Aaron, What have you found to be the most effective way for someone to do SMR?"

Aaron: "Many people argue over the various methods to achieve all of this, but as of yet I have not found an easier or more cost effective way than through the use of a foam roller."

B2B:  "Both of us have personally experienced the benefits of Foam Rolling pre and post workouts.  What would you say are the benefits of using a Foam Roller on a consistent basis?"

Aaron:  "When starting an exercise program, foam rolling is one of the first things that I teach all of my clients.  The following list details some of the benefits that you can expect from consistent and correct use of a foam roller:"

  • Improved tissue quality
  • Increased muscle length (ie. increase in flexibility)
  • Elimination of adhesions and scar tissue
  • Improvement in circulation
  • Improvement in posture
  • Reduction of back pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduction of muscle soreness
  • Reduced chance of reaching a state of overtraining or overuse
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Increased power output
  • General reduction in body aches and pains

B2B: "Thanks Aaron. We are completely sold on the benefits of Foam Rolling and are incorporating it into our personal fitness routines and letting our patients experience foam rolling as a part of their active treatment program at Back to Basics.  We know you have a lot of experience, is there anything else you would like to share?"

Aaron: "As you can tell from the above list, the benefits of using a foam roller for about 5 minutes a day are outstanding! The cost to benefit ratio is also incredible since you can purchase a commercial grade foam roller for about $30, which should last for several years.  Personally, I can't think of anything else that can provide that many benefits in such a short period of time all for only a few cents per day."

Back to Basics has foam rollers in stock for purchase and recommends that you incorporate this invaluable tool as a part of your daily active health routine.  Please contact us at 949-650-0736 for more details.

If you would like to learn more about foam rolling from a local fitness industry leader, contact Aaron Benes (Say "Back to Basics Sent me for a Free Consultation") and develop your own fitness program:

Imagine If . . .  2028 Quail St., Newport Beach, CA, 92660 949-475-5555

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