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Back to Basics' Health and Nutritional Counselor Francesca Giessmann has a number of programs tailored to fit your specific health and wellness goals. 

Francesca: "My passion lies in the advocacy of total body, mind and soul wellness. I serve as a mentor to help people reach wellness goals through the use of whole foods and positive lifestyle changes. I have seen first hand in my own life how eating a nutrient rich whole food based diet and a positive outlook in life can change ones health drastically!"

How to work with our Health Counselor? 

With a whole lotta’ buzz about juicing, cleansing, and detoxing going on, it’s really important that folks get educated and guided on what works for their unique body and lifestyle — and for the season — in order to retain or restore health balance. 

Back to Basics Certified Health Counselor, Francesca Giessmann, has several different signature programs ranging from detoxes, meal plans, to customized guided one-on-one and group programs and counseling. 

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To meet with Francesca, call the office at 949-650-0736 to schedule your session and learn how you can achieve your optimal health, prevent diseases and live a vibrant life. 

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