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At Back to Basics Health and Wellness Center,

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Yoga now offered at Back to Basics NEW Location!!

Yoga now offered at Back to Basics!

Yoga in Newport Beach at Back to Basics Health and Wellness

Take a holiday from STRESS! 

After finally getting settled in to our beautiful new health and wellness location on Birch St. in Newport beach, Back to Basics is now excited to offer 11 new group yoga classes and private yoga.  The group classes include Yoga 1, Yoga 2, Prenatal (Pregnancy) Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga/Pilates, Parent and Me Yoga and Yin/Restorative Yoga; taught by Amelie and Sourannha. 

Yoga is something that Newport Beach chiropractors Dr. Tom Hewitt, DC, CSCS and Dr. Ryan Samuelian, DC have wanted to add to the line up of professional services offered at Back to Basics for a number of years now.  The move to a new location with better facilities and a larger more open floor plan has allowed that dream to become a reality!  Both doctors have noted personal benefit from utilizing yoga in the past and feel there are direct correlations between patient outcomes and the patient's activity, flexibility, balance, strength and overall stress levels - all of which are affected beneficially by regular yoga classes.  Prenatal yoga can help develop stamina and strength, balance, and help calm the nervous system while relieving stress and tension in the low back hips, neck chest, upper back and shoulders - all beneficial to mommy and baby.  We believe that prenatal yoga in addition to regular chiropractic care and pregnancy massage is a huge asset for all moms-to-be in preparation for labor.

A recent issue of a leading Chiropractic journal* discussed yoga stating: "Research suggests myriad health benefits."  The article also notes that in a 2012 study, yoga is now practiced by 15.8 million Americans.   This form of exercise has its origins in India and offers a number of various styles and practices, each with their own benefit.   Current research has shown that "Iyengar yoga appears to be effective for low back pain, while Hatha yoga can be used for flexibility and arthritis."  Another recent study by Holden, et al. (2015) found that one-third of all women used complimentary and alternative medicine during pregnancy and childbearing years.  Various yoga poses have been demonstrated to provide benefit for many musculoskeletal complaints and can target key muscle groups including the external oblique abdominis, gluteus maximus and longissimus thoracis to name a few. Additionally, balance can be improved in the elderly as demonstrated in a 2015 group study.

[* Dynamic Chiropractic "A Chiropractor's Guide to Yoga" (Vol 33. Number 18)].

Another publication written by a board certified orthopedic surgeon formally trained at Cornell University, McGill University and others, Dr. Ray Long, MD, FRCSC discusses "Functional Anatomy in Yoga*" exploring key muscles and the anatomy of various yoga poses or "Asanas."   The use of the force of gravity in conjunction with our human frame and musculoskeletal system allow us to assume yoga poses to help align the long axis of the spine. Dr. Long suggests that for cases of Scoliosis, in which muscles along the spine may have become chronically shortened, "yoga poses aid to counteract this process by stretching the shortened muscles."  The process of lengthening and strengthening is very helpful in spinal rehabilitation and specifically as related to scoliosis.  Yoga also incorporates therapeutic muscle, ligament and tendon stretching in facilitated and dynamic postures (Vinyasa style yoga) in addition to a traditional static muscle stretch.  Facilitated stretching, also known as PNF or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation can result in profound relaxation. 

[*Scientific Keys Volume One: Your Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga, The Key Muscles of Yoga. Ray Long, MD, FRCSC]

Whether you choose to join us to compliment your regular wellness regime of chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy or for other reasons such as pregnancy/prenatal, stress relief or recovery after an injury, our yoga instructors Amelie and Sourannha have a great depth of yoga knowledge and experience.  In group yoga classes at Back to Basics you will experience small class sizes (no more than 8 people per class) so individual attention can be made by the instructor, making the class safer and more customized to suite your needs, which cannot unfortunately be offered in much larger group classes.  There is also an option for 1:1 or 1:2 private classes with Amelie, and a shorter "Lunch Hour" class for busy executives who want to unwind from their hectic office schedule or prepare mentally for an important presentation or meeting - and who doesn't appreciate a short "savasana" to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit!!

The class structure of a typical Back to Basics yoga class incorporates the following elements: warm-up, breathing exercises, postures, relaxation and meditation. 

Yoga 1: this slow paced class fits the needs of each individual using breathing with movement, relaxation, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation.  Yoga 1 is well suited for beginners, pregnant women or seniors.

Yoga 2:  this class also unites breath and movement but it goes at a faster pace with less repetitions which means that you do more poses.  You will learn about breath retentions and inversions. 

Yoga for Athletes: supplement your current training while building strength, flexibility and mental focus. 

Parent and Me:  for the 6-12 year old - Parents and children will practice yoga together as partners.  This is great for family bonding!

All classes are available at Back to Basics, located at 20311 SW. Birch St. , Suite #150, Newport Beach, CA, 92660.  Classes are only $15/class - please call Amelie directly at 949-510-8382 to register as some classes book up fast!  You can also visit Amelie's Yoga website www.happyyogis.com for more details and a complete class schedule.

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